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  Welcome to Nursery!  


Meet the teachers and assistants


Click on the link below to see all the fun visitors we have had to Nursery!!smiley

Garden Party!


What a super way to spend a sunny day! We had great fun today singing our favourite songs to our Mummy's, Daddy's and other family members and friends. After our super singing efforts a suprise arrived. . . an icecream van! What a fab day of fun!!

Activitiy of Interest- Seaside

We were very excited to play in the water tray this week. There was a shipwreck and lots of under the sea creatures. There was even some mermaids hiding in there! We worked very well together engaging in some super imaginative play!

Clever Superheroes!


We did some clever work all about Superheroes and Traditional tales. We are very proud of ourselves, make sure to take a look. . .  

Superhero Fun Night!


We had a great night celebrating our topic of Superheroes and Princesses with Mummies and Daddies. We got to show all our Superhero work, the toys we play with and even got to do a treasure hunt. Thanks to all the grown ups for coming and having fun with us!

Caterpillar Update!


We now have 5 beautiful butterflies. It was very exciting as we waited for them to appear and one even mangaged to sneak out of it's cocoon when we were eating dinner! We then had a lovely afternoon naming them and releasing them into our Nursery garden. Make sure to come and visit us soon butterflies!

Activity of Interest- Superhero fun has begun!


We are having a great time learning all about Superheroes this month, even if the boys and girls are teaching the grown ups a thing or two! We had a great time transforming into superheroes and creating a creative scene.  

Terrific Thursday!


We had great fun joining in with the school to help raise money. We walked/ ran a mile and were so super we got a medal!

A Real Princess!!


Perfect timing at Nursery this week! We have been learning all about Fairytales and Princesses and a real Princess has been born. . . Princess Charlotte. We got to look at her picture and find out some interesting things about her family. Her great Granny is the Queen!

Caterpillar Update!


After a rainy bank holiday weekend we came back to Nursery to discover something very exciting. . .Our caterpillars have spun their chrysalides! smiley

Activity of Interest- Baking bird nest buns!

We had great fun baking bird nest buns. There was lots of discussion about Spring and the life cycle of a chick. It was then even more fun eating them!! smiley

Spring is in the Air!


We have really enjoyed learning all about Spring. We have read stories, explored our outdoor area and done lots of fabulous work to help us learn new things about Spring!

Surprise Delivery!


Look what arrived at Nursery today. . . some caterpillars!    smiley  We cant wait to observe and look after them and see what happens next. We will keep you posted!

Activity of Interest- Transport! 


We really enjoyed rolling cars dipped in paint down wooden ramps, it made some really cool patterns on the paper! It was very interesting to see how fast they moved and comparing the distance with our friends. Look below to see some pictures of us complete this activity. . .

People who help us and Transport


We really enjoyed our topic on people who help us and transport . We did lots of fun activities in Nursery, had many exciting visits and did lots of really clever work. Look below to see some of our clever work. . .