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Sports Day 2015
Thursday 7th May was Terrific Thursday.  The children ran or walked 1 mile around the school in the morning.  After break we had lots of fun activities to do.  We decorated biscuits to make them look like medals and we made large hands during our craft activity.  We then went back outside to play with the parachute and to take part in an obstacle race.  We finished off the day with a cinema where the children got to choose between 4 different cinemas in the Primary 2 and Primary 3 classrooms and eat their decorated medals.  We all had a super day and went home exhausted!

Photographs of Terrific Thursday.

On Friday 24th April Primary 2 went to Castle Espie on a school trip.  There was great excitement as the children walked out to the buses that were waiting for us.  On the way many of the children were able to tell us where they lived and point out places that interested them like Indianaland.  We had an absolutely wonderful day and it stayed dry the whole time we were there.  The children arrived back to school at 1.30 p.m. and were able to tell us their favourite part of the day.  Here are some photographs to let you see what they did while we were there.

Primary 2 Room 3 Castle Espie Photographs

Castle Espie Photographs for Primary 2 Room 2

Our Fairytale Day

On Thursday 26th March we had our 'Fairytale Day' in school.  The children and adults dressed up as their favourite Fairytale character or Fancy Dress character.  We had lots of fun and made lots of wands and swords.  We all went home exhausted!!!!!!

Some photographs from our Fairytale Day