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The last Department of Education Inspection Report (June 2014) rated the Nursery as outstanding and stated,

“The children are making outstanding progress in all areas of the curriculum”.


Orangefield Primary School has been providing nursery education since 1979.  In May 2009 we re-located to superb new buildings. The Nursery is regarded as an integral part of the main school which provides an environment promoting intellectual, physical, social, emotional and aesthetic development.  In an attempt to achieve this, certain underlying principles are borne in mind, namely that:


1.         Childhood is not merely a preparation for something yet to come, but is a state in its own right and a stage to be enjoyed.


2.         Children have individual differences and needs which must be recognised - a child is not wrong because he is different.


3.         There is a natural curiosity and sense of wonder and amazement in each child which deserves to be fostered and accelerated.


4.         Children need to be actively involved, as they learn more quickly from real tasks.


5.         Young children need encouragement and help to learn how to learn.


6.         Parental involvement is vital - the school should support and strengthen all that the child has learnt from his primary educators - his parents.


The Nursery Unit will operate on a full-time basis, from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm.


Nursery Unit Policies


If the policy you need is not listed below please contact the Nursery staff.