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      Friday 3rd March

 We completed our Good Health topic by creating artwork entitled "Summer" by the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.


Summer (2)  1573 - Giuseppe Arcimboldo -

We worked in teams and here are our creations.


 Then to end our day we looked at lots of fruit and used these to make some fruit smoothies. We all enjoyed the day.

Tuesday 18th October 2016

We had a brilliant day today at Castle Espie. It started when a double decker bus arrived at school to take us there. What excitement!

When we arrived we had break and then headed out to feed the ducks. After feeding the ducks we went into a clearing to go on a mini-beast hunt. Everyone joined in, even those who weren't keen on 'bugs'.

Next we made some magic potions from natural materials we found around us and then added some magic water. The children in their pairs had to think of a name for their potion and then tell us what their magic potions did. What fun they had and some of their potions were quite potent as they could make stars, make thunder and turn people into 'Iron Man' to mention a few.

Our last activity was to play hide and seek with plastic ducks. The girls hid the ducks first and the boys had to find them and then they swapped around.

When asked most children could not choose a favourite activity as they had enjoyed everything. We arrived home tired and I'm sure everyone will have no problem sleeping tonight!

Mrs. Morrison's photographs of our trip.