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Who's Who



Principal:                                                            Mrs S McCullagh


Vice Principal:                                                     Mrs A Millar

Head of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1:           Mrs R Williamson

Head of Key Stage 2:                                           Ms S Greenwood


Administrative Support:                                        Mrs L Edgar


Nursery:                                                             Mrs L Herron

                                                                         Mrs J Marshall 

                                                                         Miss A Blackshaw

                                                                         Mrs J Banks (Assistant)

                                                                         Mrs J Buchanan (Assistant)


Primary 1:                                                          Mrs R Williamson

                                                                         Mrs C Wilson (Assistant) 

                                                                         Ms A Sobczak (SEN Assistant)

                                                                         Mrs J Donaldson (SEN Assistant) 


                                                                         Mrs K Sweetlove

                                                                         Mrs J Marshall 

                                                                            Miss McAneney (Assistant)


Primary 2:                                                           Mrs M Morrisson

                                                                          Mrs P Rankin (Assistant)


                                                                          Mrs D Hunter 

                                                                          Miss S Forsythe (Assistant)

                                                                          Mrs D Ferguson (SEN Assistant)


Primary 3:                                                           Mrs H Bennett

                                                                          Mrs J Cusworth (SEN Assistant)


                                                                          Mrs J Sneddon

Primary 4:                                                           Miss R Bell                                                                                                                                  Mrs G Quigley (SEN Assistant)


                                                                          Mr J Bell

                                                                          Miss E McClurg (SEN Assistant)


Primary 5:                                                           Mrs A Millar 

                                                                          Mrs H Carson (SEN Assistant)

                                                                          Mr R Moore (SEN Assistant)


                                                                          Miss E Barbour

                                                                          Mrs H Girvin (SEN Assistant)


Primary 6:                                                           Mr J Cousley

                                                                          Mrs R Hunt (SEN Assistant)


                                                                          Ms S Greenwood                                              

                                                                          Ms T Roche (SEN Assistant)


Primary 7:                                                           Ms L Graham


                                                                          Mr B Taggart            

                                                                          Mrs G Ross (SEN Assistant)

                                                                          Ms M Marshall (SEN Assistant)


Learning Support:                                                 Mrs W Clarke

                                                                          Miss E Bloomer






Mrs A Millar (Designated Teacher)

Mrs M Morrison (Deputy Designated Teacher)

Mrs L Herron (Deputy Designated Teacher)

Mrs S McCullagh (Principal)
Mrs W Clarke (SENCO)

Ms E Montgomery-Alison (Chairperson of Governors)

Mrs J Gray (Governor)



Mrs S McCullagh

Mrs A Millar

Mrs R Williamson 

Ms S Greenwood

Mrs W Clarke




Numeracy                                           Mrs A Rowntree

Literacy                                              Mrs L Luney

UICT                                                  Miss R Bell

World Around Us                                 Mrs D Hunter (FS+KS1)

                                                         Mr B Taggart (KS2)

Music                                                 Mrs H Bennett

RE                                                     Mrs M McClure

PDMU                                                Mrs M McClure

PE                                                     Mr J Cousley

Art                                                     Mr J Cousley

Structured Play                                    Mrs R Williamson

Thinking Skills                                     Ms S Greenwood

Languages                                          Ms S Greenwood

Library                                               Mrs Sweetlove

ECO                                                   Ms S Greenwood

School Council                                     Mrs Sweetlove

SENCo                                                Mrs W Clarke

Parent and Community Development     Mr J Cousley