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Primary 1

This page will give you some information about the subject contents and topics covered during the P1 year.


Topic: Birthdays/Ourselves

This topic will be explored through our structured play and topic-based discussions. We will have a birthday party roleplay area. We will be making faces on the computer, with fuzzy felt and from paper plates. There will be opportunities to make birthday cards and write invitations. We will find out about birthday parties long ago.



We will introduce the children to phonics using the Jolly Phonics songs, based on initial sounds. We will learn a new song during each literacy session and the children will be asked to find an item at home that begins with that initial sound for homework. During October the children will begin to bring home reading books. These books are picture books which are used to introduce book handling skills and are used for discussion and developing an understanding of stories. Pencil control and pre-writing skills will be developed through tracing over patterns.



We will be focusing on number recognition, counting and making sets 0-5. We will also do some sorting for colour, shape and size and copy and continue patterns. We will be learning about full and empty and long and short.


Topic: Our Senses

We will be finding out about our five senses through structured play activities and topic-based discussions. One sense will be focused on each week. We will have a hospital roleplay area. The children will be given opportunities to use their senses to explore the items in the water tray, sand tray, dough and shaving foam. We hope to go for a 'sensory walk' to Orangefield Park, weather permitting!



We will begin to use Bug Club for reading and books will be allocated online to each child's account. Other reading books will be used alongside this to reinforce book handling skills. We will also be using Bug Club Phonics Bug where phonics and blending will be taught. The children will be taught to blend the sounds together to read cvc words. As we teach each new sound we will also be teaching the children how to write the corresponding letter.



We will be focusing on the counting, making sets and number recognition 6-10. Other activities  will include sorting  for two properties, continuing and creating patterns and looking at 2D shapes.

Summer Term


Ahoy There!



Our first topic will be Pirates and Water. We hope to have a Pirates Day on Friday 22nd May where the children will be asked to dress up as pirates and we will have be lots of pirate related fun!

We will also be learning about materials through our Teddy Bear topic. We hope to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic!



The areas we will be covering this term include addition, subtraction and positional language.



We will be focusing on some new sounds which are made up of two and three letters and will be reading and spelling words containing these sounds.

We will also be writing independent sentences.


The week beginning the 27th April will be Cyber Safety Week. We will be talking about "stranger danger" and being a good friend, both on the internet and in the real world.